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Aerocool Evaporative Cooler Pads

Aerocool's evaporative Cooler pad family is a splendid solution for your next project, the rigid cool 40 in. W x 23 in, h x 8 in. D is fabricated with a strong fabricant and is designed to withstand years of use and wear, additionally, the pad features a white color for uncomplicated branding.

Aerocool Evaporative Cooler Pads Ebay

The evaporative Cooler Pads are made of heavy-duty, expensive-looking, high-quality materials, they are rigidity-friendly media that can be used with any evaporative cooler. They are best-in-class for use when conditions are hot, when soup or sauces are on the roof, or when the temperature in the room is being considered too high, the aero cool 40 in. W x 23 in, h x 8 in. D evaporative Cooler Pads provide a top-of-the-line solution for problems with sweat and water soaking into you the Pads are made of high quality, durable rigid media and are uncomplicated to set up and use, the Pads can be placed anywhere in your room, and can keep the air temperature at or near the desired level. W x 23 in, h x 8 in. D is a replacement evaporative Cooler rigid that is for use with coolers over 40 in, in size. This pad consists of keen apple green adhesive Pads that are 25 in, d in size and are made of durable material that will protect your cooler. This pad also includes a built-in airtight seal that is essential for protection against freezer-related issues, the evaporative Cooler Pads are sterling replacement for your previous more reliable cooling system. With a connectors on each end, these Pads are basic to adopt and install, and will help keep your coolant level at or below the desired level, made of durable materials, these Pads are sure to keep your coolant level at or below the desired level all day long.