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Mastercool Portable Evaporative Cooler

The ducted evaporative Cooler 4000 to 5000 cfm up to 1600 sq, is a splendid way for individuals who wish to buy an evaporative Cooler that we can trust. With features like up to 1600 square feet per hour and an 4-year warranty, media evaporative Cooler 28" h x 42" w 5000 cfm galvanized steel cool is sure to provide your business with the right level of chill.

Media Evaporative Cooler 28

Media Evaporative Cooler 28" H

By Mastercool


Whole House Evaporative Cooler 5000 CFM Galvanized Steel (Cover 1650 sq. ft.)
3x Drive Belt For Convair Megacool, Mastercool, and Millenia Evaporative Coolers

3x Drive Belt For Convair

By Unbranded


MasterCool CP35 Replacement Rigid Media For Portable Evaporative Cooler

Mastercool Mmbt12 Portable Evaporative Cooler

Is a brand that produces quality Portable evaporative coolers, this replacement rigid media Portable evaporative Cooler is a top-rated surrogate for suitors who wish to keep their home's temperature low and while not having to worry about getting their home's water to boil point. The Portable evaporative Cooler is a sensational surrogate for shoppers who crave to refrigerate or freeze their goods, this Cooler effortless to operate and can be placed in a variety of places around the house, such as closets, basements, and garages. It can also be used to refrigerate or freeze goods if you have a larger home that is large and takes too much cold weather, this Cooler provides 5400-7000 cfm and can easily cool down your goods. The Portable evaporative Cooler is superb for keeping your home cooled, this Cooler comes with 8"ard screen and is facile to set up and use. The Cooler offers a heat spreader that helps keep you safety ice cream maker running and the coolant driving the ice cream maker, the Cooler also features a lunging motion system that startups the machine, making it effortless to clean. Is a Portable evaporative Cooler that is top-notch for small businesses and home users, it is an enticing alternative for folks who are wanting for a low-cost Cooler and want to save money. The ducted evaporative Cooler is sensational for 2200 to 7000 cfm and can cool systems between -2200 and 2200 degrees fahrenheit, it as well adjustable to 30000 btus.