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Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Coolers

This Phoenix Manufacturing kit contains two 120 v1 phase pump engines, each with an evaporative cooler and coolant filter, the kit also includes parts for a front and back view, as well as a manual. The Phoenix Manufacturing kit will help you create your own cooling systems, whether it be for food, drink, or even clothes.

Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Coolers Amazon

The pw is a programmable drip controller that utilizes evaporative coolers as a means of cooling system, this system can be used to cool food products below the table temperature, allowing them to be served cold. The pw is equipped with an against-the-storm warning system and data logger, which will provide information for customer utilization, this is a very facile to operate and quick to build cooler drain controller that you can use in your business or home. The controller includes a built in diversion system and a variety of other features to make sure your coolers are working properly and produce enough heat, the Phoenix Manufacturing evaporative coolers are peerless for the most demanding industrial and commercial users. With their unique design, these coolers can keep food cold for hours on end, quickly and easily accommodating for your needs, with an evaporative cooler that can be programmed to drop below a certain level of coolant leakage before func- into a stand-by unit, the Phoenix Manufacturing evaporative coolers are first-rate for any industrial or commercial setting. The Phoenix Manufacturing evaporative coolers are top-rated for your next cold-pressed oil project! With our controller you can create custom coolers that are first-rate for your process, great for drain controller.